Eliminate the spreadsheets and paperwork required for keeping track of scheduled training, who needs to attend, and who did attend! EZFire Records Training Management provides comprehensive tracking for every phase of professional training and certification.

With EZFire Records you can:

  • Maintain completed and current course, instructor, and student information
  • Schedule classes and notify assigned personnel online
  • Manage the supervisory approval process with automatic notification to the requesting students
  • Automation of the class registration process, including the ability to add multiple students at one time
  • Conduct customizable online testing to ensure student comprehension
  • Allocate CEU's and hour credits based on successful course completion
  • Create, define and maintain certifications, including licensure
  • Generate training certificates with digital instructor signature(s)
  • Track costs associated for employee and guest attendance
  • Place policy manuals and other documents in an on-line library for required reading, and track compliance

More Benefits

With EZFire Records, you'll have:

  • Less Paperwork: No more hardcopy spreadsheets to keep track of class schedules and attendance sheets. EZFire Records is web-based, so users can view training course schedules and content online on via their My Home page from anywhere, eliminating the need for copying and distributing schedules or course descriptions.
  • Less Data Entry: Because the Training and Certifications modules are linked to the EZFire Records Personnel module, training and certifications record updates are automatically added to the member's record. Subsequently, dispatchers and supervisors can quickly identify member’s “special skills” in a critical situation when they're needed most.
  • Better Information: Personnel and their supervisors can easily track progress for initial certification attainment and receive an automatic email reminder when recertification is needed. Built-in reports help managers track progress in meeting both mandated and departmental training objectives.
  • More Productive Personnel: With EZFire Records each person can view scheduled classes and the current availability of offered training. Course materials can be downloaded when and where they need it. The instructor can add course notes which will be automatically emailed to all students in the class, or maintained privately for other instructors so they're better prepared and better trained.

The Training Management toolset includes EZFire Records  modules for Training, Certifications, Courses, Classes and Document Management. These modules are also included as part of our Enterprise RMS Edition.