Take the headaches - and the paperwork - out of personnel scheduling! With EZFire Records Scheduling Management you can easily and quickly manage even the most complex work schedules and shift patterns. Each person's current and future schedule is available through the EZFire Records My Home page so you don't need to distribute or post hardcopy schedules.

But, it's more than just scheduling software. EZFire Records tracks vacations, approved personal leave, Kelly Days, training and other events. This prevents the assignment of anyone with a planned absence during that period. Because it's fully integrated with the EZFire Records Personnel module, you can automatically create a complete, accurate Daily Roster of all department personnel. The roster can include a coded list of critical certifications and skills to fill special needs, such as driver operators, paramedics and HAZMAT technicians.

With EZFire Records, you can also:

  • Calculate vacation and other earned benefits based on length of service, and your own accrual rules; even front load benefit eligibility
  • Record other known employee absences including holiday leave and comp time in advance, applying them automatically to the schedules
  • Track overtime utilization by the organization, shift, or individual
  • Pre-define work day and shift schedules based on rotation, cycle, workgroups or any unique shift pattern
  • Specify minimum staffing requirements
  • Build a schedule for any number of personnel, stations or units over any period of time
  • Assign all personnel, including command staff, to the schedule based on role and availability
  • Allow trades and swaps with secure forwarding for dual review before supervisory approval
  • View schedules by any date, time period, person or various assignment levels
  • Add unplanned absences as they occur, which automatically updates the schedule
  • Quickly see understaffing situations and coverage gaps which are flagged by color
  • Easily "drag and drop" available qualified candidates from the Daily Roster to fill required positions based on their certifications and skills
  • Create intraday schedules to help plan for short term changes in the day’s roster, associating the right personnel to NFIRS, Unit, and ePCR reports based on the actual schedule
  • Review past schedules and create reports on vacation balances and other factors impacting scheduling and budget
  • Let all users view their used benefits year-to-date on the My Home page.

More Benefits

With EZFire Records you’ll have:

  • Better Management of Overtime: You can use EZFire Records to flag situations where assigning a specific individual to a shift will incur overtime, and help fairly distribute overtime when it is required.
  • Easier Access to Information: From a single calendar authorized users can access all schedules, training information, inspections, and maintenance activities. This provides you a comprehensive department, station and unit management tool.

The Scheduling, Time Tracking and Roster Management modules are included in the EZFire Records Scheduling Management toolset. They are also included as part of our Enterprise RMS Edition.