Frustrated submitting hard copy reports with endless errors and kick-backs? Are you using so called “easy to use” data entry tools available for NFIRS and unit reporting that really aren't? With EZFire Records you'll appreciate the simple, logical, intuitive information collection flow built into the Incident, Unit Report and NFIRS Reports modules. EZFire Records provides real-time coaching rather than an after-the-fact score card of issues to fix and repair. This instantly makes your records more accurate and useful! EZFire Records is certified with the U.S. Fire Administration and the NFIRS Submission module is fully qualified for required data submission to the State or directly to FEMA.

With EZFire Records:
  • An incident can be recorded directly by authorized personnel or created automatically by your CAD (through the optional CAD Incident Import Interface)
  • Data element choices automatically prompt the user to complete any additional required report elements
  • Built-in, real-time error checking shows in color any missing or inconsistent data, so reports are complete and accurate before they're submitted
  • Individual unit reports let you easily add and link necessary units, personnel, and their activities to the incident report collection. All NFIRS-required data is automatically uploaded
  • Completed reports can be automatically forwarded for supervisory review and approval (or returned electronically for changes)
  • You can easily search for a prior incident, and pre-built custom reports let you compile, view and compare incident information over any period
  • Assign all personnel, including command staff, to the schedule based on role and availability

More Benefits

With EZFire Records, you'll:

  • Save Time: Importing information, such as personnel, units, apparatus and buildings, from the EZFire Records database reduces data entry. The extensive use of drop downs and pick lists minimizes keystrokes and data errors.
  • Meet Report Submission Deadlines: The status of all assigned reports is automatically pushed to the reporter's My Home page where managers can review the current status of all reports at any time; nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Keep More and Better Information: Unit reports let you capture valuable incident information beyond what is required for NFIRS reporting including individual firefighter comments, apparatus use, metrics, and all historical data for complete review and reporting. Digital photos, videos, other images and documents can easily be attached for more complete reviews and reporting.

The NFIRS Management toolset includes EZFire Records Incident, Unit Report, NFIRS Reports and NFIRS Submission modules. These modules are also included in our Enterprise RMS Edition.