Stop searching through file cabinets for personnel records! Through the EZFire Records Personnel module you'll reduce paper, paperwork, AND meet Federal, State and LOSAP requirements for personnel record retention. And you can easily produce custom ID Cards and Accountability Tags for all personnel, saving time and money.

Personnel related information entered anywhere in the system, such as incident involvement, training activities, or equipment and inventory assignments, automatically updates the individual’s personnel record. This eliminates duplicate data entry and potential errors.

With EZFire Records, you can:

  • Maintain all required and useful information on full-time, paid on call, volunteer, or inactive personnel including:
    • Assignments, both current and historical
    • Medical considerations, preferences, or other emergency data
    • Languages, unique abilities, or other special skills
    • Special pay categories, allowances, or stipends
    • Certifications, qualifications and licensures defined and maintained in the Training module
  • Add employee certifications, qualifications and licensures directly to the Personnel module, which is useful when adding new employees to the roster
  • Attach a digital photo of each member which will then visually display in the personnel record
  • Automatically associate EMS licensure information with personnel included in ePCRs
  • Meet OSHA incident record retention requirements, including HAZMAT exposures, over an individual's entire career
  • Allow personnel to add and update multiple emergency contacts at any time from the Home page so the department immediately has current and accurate information
  • Track volunteer non-incident activities, attendance, and offices held for LOSAP reporting
  • Control access to EZFire Records functionality by role permission, and assign supervisory responsibilities, such as report approval
  • Manage personnel scheduling (with the EZFire Records Scheduling Management toolset)
  • Print custom two-sided ID cards for your personnel on a variety of card printers
  • Print custom Accountability Tags for each member of your department. The pre-formatted sample includes all of the employee’s confidential medical information for use following an emergency.

More Benefits

The EZFire Records Personnel module also delivers:

  • Drastically Reduced Data Entry: Employee records are instantly available to other EZFire Records modules so personnel can be quickly added to an incident report, register for a class, or assigned equipment with a single click. Assignments and actions made in those modules automatically update the personnel record.
  • Privacy Protection: Access to personnel or medical records is strictly controlled by screen permissions. Members not permitted personnel records access (other than updating their own emergency contacts through the Home page) won't even see the Personnel tab on the main EZFire Records screen.
  • Better Information: Supervisors can enter notations or comments that become part of the secure, and private, individual personnel work history.

The Personnel module is a standard component of all EZFire Records toolsets. It is also included as part of our Enterprise RMS Edition.