No more missed inspections or forgotten permit fee billings! Working together, the EZFire Records Inspection, Permits, Building Registration, Accounting, and Code books modules manage your building and hydrant inspection programs. Plus, integrated permit issuance along with fee billing and tracking streamlines your inspection process.

With EZFire Records, you and your inspectors can:

  • Maintain and update complete building registration records, including address, lock box location, alarm and other building systems and mechanicals, occupancy restrictions, and prior violations
  • Add preplan information, floor plans, digital photos and other graphics
  • Load your own codes/ordinances or use your licensed version of any ICC authorized code set(s)
  • Schedule inspections, re-inspections and fire prevention activities or refer to specially-trained personnel for follow up
  • Establish inspectional cycle and set reminder intervals for inspections
  • Produce a customized inspection checklist*
  • Prepare violation reports and permits including the references to the relevant codes/standards
  • Create permit fee schedules and calculate fees due
  • Generate invoices/bills for inspections, permits and other services and track collections from the comprehensive EZFire Records Accounting module.
  • Maintain a record of all hydrants with mapped locations, flow rates, maintenance records, and schedule required inspections.

More Benefits

With EZFire Records:

  • Your Firefighters are Safer: Site-specific HAZMAT information is easily added to the building registration record with automated links to the DOT, NIOSH, and CAMEO guides for quick reference. Flags can be added for other safety conditions that responders need to be aware of.
  • Your Inspectors are More Productive: With a current schedule of all assigned inspections on their EZFire Records My Home page and single click access to the building record, inspection personnel won't have to hunt for the information they need. With locations of inspections automatically displayed on a map on their laptops and tablets, they won't miss a scheduled inspection.
  • Your Department will Maximize Revenue: EZFire Records complete fee and penalty management features give you the ability to set fees for virtually any service, bill for these services, and track all collections and assess penalties.

* With the EZFire Records Mobile Inspections for Tablets solution, a hardcopy inspection checklist and data entry of building and hydrant inspection data are a thing of the past. Inspectors complete the inspection checklist right on an Apple iPad or Android or Windows tablet. The inspection data is uploaded automatically to the appropriate record.

The Inspection Management toolset includes EZFire Records Inspection, Permits, Building Registration, Accounting and Codebooks modules. These modules are also included in our Enterprise RMS Edition

The Mobile Inspections for Tablets solution is available as a separately priced subscription add-on with the Inspection Management toolset or Enterprise RMS Edition.