In addition to the Personnel and Activity Log modules included in every edition, six core modules provide the strong foundation for all EZFire Records toolsets and the Enterprise RMS Edition. Key functionality includes:

Personalized Home Page: With the EZFire Records Home module, each user has a personal "My Home" page; displaying messages, pending approvals, assignments, bulletins and reminders, including scheduled inspections and outstanding reports. This interactive tool puts all assigned tasks from every active EZFire Records module in one place, making it easier and faster to manage and complete them. A simple click, for example, opens a message for response or a report for completion or approval. From the Home module a user can also send an individual or group Outlook email message, with templates available for common email types, such as announcements and bulletins.

Simple Administration and Powerful Role-based Security: As part of our Startup support, some or all your licensed users will be added and provided the level of user access you want them to have. After startup, the designated administrator can assign, change and remove user access as needed through the EZFire Records Settings module. Individual user access can be controlled at the Module, Screen, Record and (where applicable) Item level. At the Screen level, user authorization can be limited to specific actions (Add, Change, Inquiry and Remove). With secure, web-based access, the administrator can make these changes from anywhere at any time.

Custom Fields and Forms: As part of our Startup support, customize drop down menu values, codes and forms to meet your specific state’s requirements are provided. After startup, the administrator can use the Settings module to easily customize data fields, codes and drop down values on most screens and create any new state and agency-specific forms and look-up tables. Click here for more information on our support for state-specific code tables.

Report Generator: Hundreds of pre-formatted reports on virtually every key performance metric are included with EZFire Records at no additional cost. (Available reports are based on the specific edition in use.) Additional fields can be added to any pre-formatted report. Users can also create fully custom reports using Microsoft SSRS, SAP Crystal Reports or Adobe PDF and make them available for use anywhere in EZFire Records. Users can also create an Excel spreadsheet of data on any summary screen simply by clicking on the screen icon.

Names: EZFire Records utilizes a master record concept for all key data, including locations, registrations, incidents and names. Any Windows-recognizable file type, including Word, PDF, JPEG or other graphic format (for a photo or other image), audio and video, can be attached to a master record. The Names module creates and manages the secure master records for individuals, including agency personnel, visitors, building owners and contacts, citizens involved in incidents, and subjects and witnesses involved in any investigations. The Names module is linked to all other EZFire Records modules, so that information doesn't have to be re-entered when action is taken through one of those modules. In fact, EZFire Records automatically prevents duplicate entry of a name, prompting the user with the existing matching record.

GEO: Using industry standard engines (e.g., Google Maps and Microsoft Maps), a database of actual geographic locations (based on latitude and longitude) provides support for the modules requiring location data. Much like the Names module, any address entered anywhere in EZFire Records is evaluated against existing addresses in the GEO database - again saving needless data entry. Addresses maintained in your GEO collection then become searchable from most inquiry screens.