No more struggling to update the incoming shift on prior events and activities. With EZFire Records Activity Log, you can keep, view and share an up-to-the-minute log of every activity and event including:

  • incidents
  • inspections
  • visitors
  • equipment and apparatus maintenance
  • personnel absences, injuries and accidents

With EZFire Records multi-level logging you can record an activity once and then view by agency, station, company or individual. A user-defined "Quick Entry" pop up screen, activated with a one-button click, lets you easily record an activity from anywhere in EZFire Records without having to jump out of the screen you're on.

With the EZFire Records Activity Log, you can:

  • Define the specific activity categories, subcategories and types you need
  • Use full word processing utilities for new entries and add attachments, giving activity records a professional appearance wherever and whenever they're accessed.
  • Record station visitors by simply entering the event as a journal entry.
  • Enter fleet and equipment maintenance records for both scheduled maintenance and nonscheduled repairs, and include part numbers and cost if desired.
  • Assign an activity, including a maintenance request, to a specific person, division, section or squad, for responsibility tracking.
  • View events placed in the agency calendar which automatically become log entries.
  • Click on the activity overview to see complete detail.
  • Search all log history records using comprehensive search criteria or review selected records in their entirety.

More benefits:

With the EZFire Records Activity Log, you'll:

  • Reduce data entry: An activity scheduled in any active EZFire Records module, including Training, Inventory and Inspection, is automatically added to the appropriate logs, with no additional data entry needed. A single click on the activity opens the detailed record in the relevant module.
  • Manage resources more effectively:Powerful search screens allow fire department managers to narrow their activity log reviews by station, company, unit or individual so they see just the level they need.

The Activity Log is a standard component of all EZFire Records toolsets. It is also included in the EZFire Records Enterprise RMS Edition.