Do you struggle to ensure that your fleet is up to service standards and every piece of equipment is available in the right place for your firefighters to use? The safety of your citizens and firefighters depends on it! EZFire Records Inventory Management lets you track and manage all fleet vehicles, equipment, consumables, and asset items from a single point. You'll have up-to-date information on what you're consuming and what it costs. You'll know immediately when a vehicle or equipment is damaged and you can track inventory so you know where every piece of equipment is. As a result, you won't run low on critical supplies, or exceed your budget without understanding the facts.

With EZFire Records you can:

  • Maintain a complete and current record on all apparatus and other fleet vehicles. This includes, expenses, budgets, service history, warranty information, and damage reports
  • Track fuel consumption, mileage, and expenditures on all vehicles. Automatically schedule required service and inspections
  • Bar code inventory assets for automated tracking and attach a digital photo
  • Assign any asset to a specific station, unit, person or vehicle (including compartment locations on the vehicle) with a single click
  • Flag the expiration date on any item and set service interval requirements and automatic notification to maintenance personnel for equipment including SCBA gear
  • Provide all users with a My Inventory view of their assigned assets

More Benefits

EZFire Records promotes operational excellence. When the equipment is in order, and where it's supposed to be, your firefighters will be safer and your department will be able to better manage budgets and costs. EZFire Records allows your agency to become:

  • More efficient: Through the Company Store web page, you can easily keep track of all vendor and purchase information, including warranties, supply reorder limits, and costs.
  • More Productive: Authorized personnel can check out/check in items themselves and request maintenance or repairs directly from their daily Activity Log. This limits paperwork and reduces lost time for everyone.
  • More responsive: You can quickly generate pre-built and ad hoc reports on equipment and supply utilization and costs.

The Inventory Management toolset includes the EZFire Records Inventory, Fleet, Maintenance and Barcoding modules. These modules are also included in our Enterprise RMS Edition.