Tired of reading through endless amounts of paperwork and guides? Wish that all critical data was available in one place without juggling multiple applications? With EZFire Records Fire Response Module, there is no more flipping through books. With the touch of a button all Information critical to an active incident is available to your personnel. Hazmat guides, address flags, and nearby hydrant information are all displayed in an easy to use mobile interface. Include the use of GPS and units can receive turn-by-turn directions to arrive at an incident.

The EZFire Records Fire Response Module includes:

CAD Interface: Using a proprietary interface, the EZFire Response Module is able to pull the CAD call data from your existing CAD vendor. Available response information is then parsed and pushed into the Fire Response Module. Upon completion of the call, that information is then made available to Fire RMS and used to pre-fill in the necessary fields in Unit and NFIRS Reporting.

RFID Crew Tracking: It is essential to monitor all responding personnel during an incident. Station Kiosk is a status monitoring system that provides a visual representation of all active calls for service as well as the status; not available, responding, arrived, etc., of all personnel working the calls. Using the RFID Crew Tracking functionality, accountability becomes much easier to track. Using RFID transmitters, your personnel can be assigned to units automatically as they enter the vehicle.

Fire Live™ Phone App: Used in conjunction with the Fire Response Module, Fire Personnel can now respond to calls for service anytime, anywhere. With the push of a button, the status of each personnel is updated on the Station Kiosk with an icon to represent their approximate GPS location, and their ETA to either the station or the scene. Your personnel are provided with all current call information while en-route to the incident.

CAD Status Monitor: As an incident is happening, and units are converging on a location, the status monitors in the fire stations or the command vehicles in the field are able to monitor the status of all active calls and personnel attached to an incident. With the EZFire Records Fire Response Module you will:

  • Increase Safety: Site-specific HAZMAT information is easily added to the building registration record with automated links to the DOT, NIOSH, and CAMEO guides for quick reference. Preplans and hazard flags can be added for other safety conditions that responders need to be aware of.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: The Station Kiosk & Fire Live™ Phone App provide an opportunity to easily manage your most important asset; responding personnel. All information collected through other efforts are available to make informed decisions.
  • Save Money with Integration: Our Fire Response Module provides the benefits of many stand-alone products. This feature will streamline your operation and reduce the cost of maintaining multiple systems