EZFire Records™ Fire Investigations

No one does reporting better than EZFire Records! Completing the circle, incident data flows to NFIRS which then optionally provides information to the Fire Investigation module. Our ‘all in one’ solution transfers necessary information through all of the other integrated reporting modules, setting up the most efficient method to record a Fire Investigation report.

Everything from basic documentation to advanced evidence tracking and unlimited attachment capability allows for centralizing the report process. An optional supervisor approval process will send your report electronically through the chain-of-command for review prior to making the report available for publication or submission.

Developed using NFPA-921 standards, your Investigation report provides the tools you need to ensure complete, concise, and correct documentation of the scene and personnel efforts.

Fire Investigation Reporting:

  • Based on NFPA 921 Standards
  • Case Management
  • Support for Multiple Investigators
  • Investigator Assignment
  • Scene & Conditions Documenting
  • Easy Recording of Efforts
  • Names Entry and Tracking
  • Specific tools for structures, vehicles, and others
  • NFIRS Integrated Arson Report
  • Detailed Insurance Claim Tracking
  • Complete Narrative Controls
    • User Defined Templates
    • Word Processing Features
    • Custom Dictionaries
    • Evidence Tracking – Chain of Custody
    • *Coming Soon – Electronic Redaction