Are you currently trying to managing your alarm registrations, alarm activations and false alarms manually or in a stand-alone inefficient system? With the EZFire Records Alarms module all this information is integrated so you can more easily record and track fees, incidents and citations. Because information added once is available everywhere it’s needed in EZFire Records, information in the alarm system records are automatically made available for tracking and billing through the Accounting module.

With EZFire Records you can easily manage information on every alarm system, and:

  • Register and track accounts (businesses and residential addresses) that have one or more alarm systems
  • Create a master record on each alarm system Record and maintain an up-to-date list of alarm service companies linked to the record
  • Set your own unique criteria for alarm system registration fees (e.g., by building or by number of alarm systems) and include parameters, such as a threshold number of alarms below which no fees are assessed
  • Set and assess fees for failure to register
  • Manage all correspondence with the account and alarm service company, including automatic sending of reminders with late penalties
  • Access the alarm system record prior to on-site inspection through the EZFire Records Inspection module.
  • Automatically include an incident number from a false alarm to the alarm record (with optional CAD interface)
  • Set your own criteria and amounts for false alarm fees, including waivers (e.g., the first false alarm of a calendar year
  • Setup the alarms tracking and define custom alarm charges with your own criteria; Call For Service codes and incident disposition. Process alarm statements and billing, with user definable invoices, through the EZFire Records Accounting module.
  • Generate year-end and other pre-built reports or create your own custom reports

More benefits:

With the EZFire Records Alarms module, you’ll:

  • Increase Compliance and Fee Collections: Automated reminders and late payment warnings improve compliance with registration requirements and increases registration and false alarm fee collections.
  • Eliminate Redundant Paperwork and Data Entry: On screen access to codes and fee tables saves look-up time. Automatic production of reminder letters reduces paperwork.

The Alarms module is included in the Enterprise RMS Edition and is available as an add-on with any of the EZFire Records toolsets. Either the Enterprise RMS Edition or the Inspections Management toolset is required for billing through the EZFire Records Accounting module.