Need a better way to manage citations issued for fire lane parking, hydrant obstructions and other violations? Our Citation module is just the ticket! Designed specifically for handling the types of citations issued by fire professionals, the EZFire Records Citation module automates the entire ticketing process. Easy, fast and intuitive citations entry helps you reduce time spent issuing citations and increase collections.

The EZFire Records Citation module lets you:

  • Enter all citation information directly on screen, eliminating handling of paper forms
  • Select from a pick list of your own unique charge codes (with ordinance and statute references), ensuring accuracy and completeness
  • Automatically pre-fill citation fields from any information previously captured in EZFire Records
  • Manage and assign the correct court type for citations and then update them with the court’s disposition
  • Customize the citation, invoice, court appearance letter and other documents to your agency’s guidelines
  • Schedule printing and mailing of citations, court appearance letters and invoices
  • Track and record citation payments received
  • Easily search citations and associated history with single and multiple criteria lookups
  • Generate pre-built reports on collections and other data, or build your own customized reports

More benefits:

With EZFire Records Citation module, you’ll:

  • Increase Collections: Complete, accurate and legible citations result in fewer cases dismissed in court.
  • Save Time: On screen access to charge codes and references saves look-up time and pre-filled fields minimize data entry for your fire professionals. Automatic production of reminder letters for unpaid citations saves clerical time.

The Citation module is included in the Enterprise RMS Edition and is available as an add-on with any of the EZFire Records toolsets.