No more time-wasting duplication of data entry! If you've been using a standalone ePCR software package, or submitting hardcopy patient care reports, you'll really appreciate how our EMS & NEMSIS Reporting module automatically integrates all relevant EZFire Records information.

EZFire Records fully supports accurate preparation and timely submission of NEMSIS-qualified and HIPAA-compliant ePCR reports, including:

  • Capturing and pre-filling relevant data from incident response records and personnel records, other EZ FireRecords modules and your CAD (through the optional CAD Incident Import Interface)
  • Easy to use customized drop downs and list box values for more accurate data
  • Documenting detailed injury information, including motor vehicle accident data
  • Linking multiple assessment records for an individual patient
  • Auto-calculating values (e.g., age, Glasgow Coma Scale) everywhere possible
  • Supporting agency-defined dollar values for charges relating to patient transportation, supplies, and services your agency provides.
  • Error checking data for accuracy and completeness
  • Submitting the ePCR electronically for supervisory review and approval; all required actions appear on the individual's My Home page

More Benefits

With the EZFire Records EMS & NEMSIS Reporting module you get:

  • Simple and Easy Report Preparation: Single click agency definable command buttons let your responders complete the multiple report fields associated with a single action, such as administering a standard dosage of aspirin. Demographic information on patients having previously received care can be called up and dropped into a new report, eliminating duplicate data entry.
  • More Accurate and Complete Data: Pop ups "coach" the report writer on content requirements for mandatory and optional fields resulting in more accurate reporting. Digital photos, images, and documents can be attached to make for a more comprehensive record.
  • Better Management Information: A complete set of pre-defined record-level and management reports are included. Additionally, you can capture agency or state required data elements for tracking key performance indicators and other data reporting needs.

The EMS & NEMSIS Reporting module is included in the EZFire Records Enterprise RMS edition and is available as an add-on with any of the EZFire Record toolsets.