EZFire Records™ Business Intelligence Module
Wish you had a full-time analyst to help you better understand what drives performance and costs so you can better manage the "business" of your department? EZFire Records Business Intelligence module puts Analytics and customizable Dashboard information at your fingertips and displays it in a graphical format that's easy to understand. Through pre-built, role-specific dashboards showing key metrics and easy-to-use tools for analyzing virtually any data anywhere in EZFire Records, your users have all the information they need to make the right decisions to improve performance where it counts.
EZFire Records comes with more than one thousand pre-configured, customizable reports. To really understand what's driving performance you need to look behind the report data. To see the effect of apparatus age, time of day or other variables on unit turnout time for example, you need a multi-dimensional analytical tool that's not available with most RMS systems. A quality report by definition covers a prescribed period of time. To track current turnout time performance in most RMS systems you would have to run and re-run a special report and painstakingly interpret the numerical data you got back.
EZFire Records solves all these problems with a powerful multi-dimensional analytic tool that can tap into data from any or all of our modules. The dashboard then automatically presents relevant, up-to-date operational metrics like unit response times, call for service frequency, and inspection violation analysis. This information is displayed on the user's desktop in easy-to-understand color charts and graphs.
The EZFire Records Business Intelligence module includes:
  • Easy-to-use tools allow you to create reports, tables, and charts for statistical analysis, resource allocation, and mandated reporting
  • Permissions-based security giving the user access to only the data they are allowed
  • Filtering of data types and date ranges so you analyze only relevant information
  • Drag and Drop capability to change or add variables "on the fly" in any analysis without rerunning the report
  • Optional and switchable display of data as a colored pie chart, bar graph or tabular format
  • Easy, one-click drill down to individual records from any table
  • "Slice and Dice" and pivot table support for deeper analysis of the data without re-running
  • Predictive, "what if" analysis capability through insertion of different variable values
  • Role-based dashboards for visual tracking of key metrics, pre-configured for specific users
  • Screen presentation of dashboard information in expandable tile format
  • Capability for users to customize their individual dashboards (as permissions allow)
  • Colored charts and graphs in all reports and dashboards that can be transferred to other documents
  • One-button data export to Excel spreadsheets from any table
More benefits:  
EZFire Records business analytics and dashboard capabilities can also help you:  
  • Manage Costs: Using pre-configured dashboard charts you can monitor in real time all overtime hours and dollars earned by unit and reason. With this information you can balance the schedule and make necessary assignment adjustments sooner than ever before.
  • Justify Resources: With predictive analytics you can clearly demonstrate the potential impact on average response time of closing a station or other resource change. With EZFire Records Business Analytics and Dashboard graphics you can make a more effective visual presentation to your community or government.
The Business Intelligence module is included in the Enterprise RMS edition and is available as an add-on with all EZFire Records toolsets.