Looking for a way to better connect with your community? Are you striving to improve the services you provide the community? If so, then EZFire Records Citizen Services is the solution for you. This integrated website offers robust features that bridge the gap between your agency and the community you serve. This exclusive program provides an unprecedented opportunity for your residents to enter medical alerts and other vital emergency information that can be viewed by your personnel while en route to the call!

Along with the ability to enter personal information residents can manage inspection registration and emergency contact data, request inspections, pay fees online, and apply for permits without the need to come down to the station. They can even view agency defined incidents on a map. Because EZFire Records automates these functions, less burden is placed on department personnel and this frees time that can be applied to other operational and administrative tasks.

The EZFire Records Citizen Services Program includes:

  • Easy-to-use tools allow your community to access all data about their house or business
  • Empowers residents to enter personal emergency information about themselves or the premise
  • Incident mapping to raise awareness in the community
  • Permit and Smoke Detector Certification applications
  • Viewable detailed inspection and violation data by the business
  • Access to all correspondence between the department and the business
  • Access to up-to-date Fire Prevention information
  • Community groups can request education and demonstrations
  • Ability to request an Inspection or a Time Extension to correct violations
  • Mutual Aid access to Preplan Data

More Benefits

Citizen Service Program can also help you:

  • Manage Costs: Using this website in conjunction with our Fire RMS product, fee tracking becomes more automated. No more lost or delayed payments. Receive payments quicker through online payment features and avoid manually processing and depositing checks.
  • Connect with your Community: Now that there is easy access to registration, inspection, and incident data, the community will realize the impact that your agency makes on a regular basis. Bring your partnership with the community to the next level using the EZFire Records Citizen Services Program web features