New EZFire Records™ delivers complete fire records management at less cost

Ramsey & Rochelle Park NJ Fire Prevention Leap forward with new “EZ” Fire Software

Ramsey & Rochelle, August 14, 2015 − The Borough of Ramsey and Township of Rochelle Park Fire Prevention Bureaus have selected EZFire Records for its browser based, tablet Inspections software. The software provides a robust set of features and functionality that will add new capabilities to help drive efficiency and effectiveness, making a fire inspector’s job much easier. Using the latest technology, fire inspectors can download their inspections due for the day, week, month, or even quarter and perform those inspections without a constant need for an internet connection. If connection is lost, data is queued on the tablet, and pushed to the server when connection is restored.

When Fire Official Darryl DeMott, responsible for the fire prevention bureaus for both Ramsey and Rochelle Park was asked why he chose ProPhoenix, he said, “We looked at several vendors and found ProPhoenix ’EZfire‘ software to be the best offering available. The Fire RMS is easy to use and allows my department to work more efficiently and to pull meaningful information from its reports. In the past, it would have taken several vendors to perform all the functions that are included in the software. Not only am I impressed with the software, but I was also impressed with the professionalism from the sales agent to the project management team.”


EZFire Records (a division of ProPhoenix Corporation) is the premier provider of innovative, integrated, and intuitive fire operations management software. EZFire Records is focused exclusively on delivering the most comprehensive, powerful, and cost-effective cloud-based Fire Response solution for fire departments across the United States. The software includes: Dispatch, CAD Status, and Preplan access from Mobile and Tablet devices, records management, and mobile inspection solutions for iPad, Android, and Windows tablets.