Last updated: August 28, 2014


At EZFire, we're working hard to protect your privacy, while delivering products that bring you the performance, power, and convenience you want in your personal computing.

As with all EZFire products, the release is designed to allow you to quickly assemble, display, and share your data with other people in your agency. EZFire is committed in helping to protect the privacy of your data and helping ensure you have full control over how your data is used and distributed.

Ezfire will not collect any data by any means from your organization.


Fire Mobile Inspection and Fire Live App

All the information transmitted by the app will be sent to the RMS (Records management system) web application (hosted in cloud/inhouse at your agency) using web service against your agency database.

Userrname and password is used for authenticating the user againt the RMS server and will not be shared to anybody outside of your agency.

The information collected related to building registration and inspection will be sent only to your respective agency RMS through the webservice.

By no means this will be used/trasmitted by EzFire/Prophoenix or any other 3rd party services.