Redefining Records Management

Does completing a NFIRS report feel like taking a test?
Are you able to use inexpensive iPads and tablets to capture inspections information in the field, maximizing revenue for your agency?
Can you easily schedule and track personnel?
Do you know who needs certification / recertification training and when?
Are you losing funding $$ by not having timely reporting?
Can you easily merge individual unit reports on the same incident?
Can you easily track and compare incident response time by station and units
Can your Citizens access their Fire Inspection data and pay bills online?
Are you able to track units and personnel real time on the map
Can personnel check in to an incident using RFID tag technology?

EZFire Records Benefits

  1. One Integrated Solution for Fire Prevention, Fire Suppresion and Administration
  2. No Duplicate Data Entry; Entered Once, Available Everywhere
  3. Up and running in hours, not days or weeks or months
  4. True Cloud based web solution; access from anywhere at anytime
  5. Inituitive, easy-to-use, consistent and comprehensive user interface